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The Articles Syrians Think You Should Read About Syria

Syrian activists have been at the forefront of media coverage on Syria. We have blogged, tweeted, shared, debated and obsessed over every piece of Syria news disseminated.

Written by Rasha Othman Published on Read time Approx. 2 minutes

The conflict in Syria has reached a turning point the past week with the distinct possibility of foreign military intervention. I feel it is my duty to share with you some of the most compelling and informative English language articles on Syria that I have come across the past two and a half years.

The following articles were chosen because they struck a chord within the activist community, were used as tools for awareness initiatives, or generated considerable buzz on our social media networks. They range from political commentary, to social commentary, to editorials and outstanding blog posts.

“A Search for Loved Ones Among Mass Graves” by Razan Zeitouneh. A prominent Syrian human-rights activist and lawyer, Zeitouneh was among the first to visit the site of the recent chemical weapons attacks in eastern Ghouta. Read it here.

“Help Syria Now” by Yassin al-Haj Saleh. Al-Haj Saleh is a writer and politician. He was arrested for his dissident views by the Assad regime and was imprisoned for 16 years. Here, he writes candidly on challenges faced by Syrians, and the road forward. Read it here.

“In the Camps” by Robin Yassin-Kassab. Kassab is a Syrian-British author and activist. This is his firsthand account of the suffering of refugees on the Turkish border. Read it here.

“Syria’s Son’s of No One” by Anthony Shadid. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anthony Shadid spent the last year of his life covering the conflict in Syria for the New York Times before his death in 2012. In this memorable article, he told the story of a group of young activists in Homs.Read it here.

“In Syria, U.S. Credibility is at Stake” by David Ignatius. A well-received Washington Post editorial with clear points. Read it here.

“10 Things Worse Than Eating a Dead Man’s Heart” by Racan al-Hoch. This popular blog post by Syrian activist Racan al-Hoch was written in response to a YouTube video that provoked world outrage. Read it here.

“Love in the Syrian Revolution” by Wendy Pearlman. Reminding us that in the midst of war, killing and destruction, love survives and thrives. Read it here.

“Take Your Portion: A Victim Speaks Out About Rape in Syria” by Lauren Wolfe. In this chilling account, Lauren Wolfe from the Women Under Siege Project interviews a survivor of rape at the hands of the Assad regime. Read it here.

“How to Oust Assad, and Why the United States Should Try” by Michael Weiss. Timely information and analysis, with strong points on regime change, building internal allies and myths regarding Syria that have been shattered. Read it here.

“Land of Topless Minarets and Headless Girls” by Amal Hanano. Amal Hanano is the pseudonym of a popular Syrian-American writer. Here, she emotionally reflects on the destruction of her beloved home city, Aleppo. Read it here.

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